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Joakim Sandgren

Joakim Sandgren
The compositions of Joakim Sandgren are conceived as sound sculptures whose form is found by exploring and choosing among the inherent flows of energy in an pre-existing sound object. To free the musical linear work his music no longer include any harmonic material and he works only with sounds which have undefined pitches. He is today working on a suite of fifteen compositions for different formations and multichannel tape. Joakim Sandgren was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1965. Between 1991 and 1998 Sandgren studied composition at the city's Royal College of Music. At RCM Sandgren served as Assistant to Professors Sven-David Sandström, Magnus Lindberg, and Pär Lindgren. He has also assisted at masterclasses with Philippe Manoury, Gérard Grisey, Brian Ferneyhough. In 2000 Sandgren completed the Composition et d’Informatique musicale course at Ircam in Paris. After some time in the Ircam-developed application Patch-Work, Sandgren started to develop his own composition environment directly in LISP, (es). He presented a Master (DEA) at the Paris University 8 in 2003 under the direction of Horacio Vaggione on the subject: computer assisted composition. Sandgren has been played by ensembles like Ensemble Itinéraire, Ensemble 2e2m, Ensemble Champ d’Action, Ars Nova, Ma, Archaeus, Curious Chamber Players, gageego!, Spectra, Musica Vitae, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Ensemble In Extremis and others as well as by musicians like Sophie Dardeau (ensemble Itinéraire), Dimitri Vassilakis (ensemble Intercontemporain), Séverine Ballon (ensemble Multilaterale). His music has also been heard at the swedish radio and television. He have several compositions on CDs : pièces à conviction, solo pour violoniste, cordes sur bois, souvenir I, berceuse,. Sandgren receive countinously commands from ensembles and musicians in sweden and in france.

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Empreintes Digitales
Composer : Joakim Sandgren

I wrote «empreintes digitales» for the ensemble Curious Chamber Players in december 2008. The tape...
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Faits Saillants
Composer : Joakim Sandgren

I wrote "faits saillants" to be the composition for solo cello in a suite of six pieces for solo ins...
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Pièces à conviction
Composer : Joakim Sandgren

à Sophie Dardeau."Pièces à conviction" is a work for flute and four track tape....
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