Georges Aperghis

Alberto Arroyo

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PhD at Hochschule für Musik Dresden, Prof. Dr. J.P. Hiekel (current state)         

Master Degree at Hochschule für Musik Dresden                                                           
Prof. Mark Andre, Prof. Manos Tsangaris, Prof. Dr. J.P. Hiekel

Bachelor Degree at CSMA (Conservatorio Superior Música de Aragón, Saragossa)
Prof. José M. Sáncez-Verdú, A. Charles, H. Parra, J.M. López López, Nacho de Paz

Bachelor Degree at UAM (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
Musical Education

Erasmus Programm at Hochschule für Musik Dresden                                               
Prof. M. Tsangaris, Prof. F.M. Olbrisch, José M. Sánchez-Verdú

Grado Medio at “Conservatorio Joaquín Turina”                                                            
Private lessons in Harmony, Orchestration, Counterpoint with Prof. Alla Cohen (Boston: NEC, Berklee)

Single lessons, masterclasses and workshops with S. Sciarrino, B. Ferneyghouh, H. Lachenmann, G. Aperghis, W. Rihm, C. Gadenstätter, S. Steen-Andersen, R. Cendo, J. Kreidler, M. Spahlinger, T. Hosokawa, A. Posadas, Y. Sugawara, S. Gubaidulina, E. Mendoza, P. Hurel, F. Panisello, I. Fedele, R. Lazkano, C. Halffter, A. Rosado, Jesús Rueda, Trío Arbós, Tasto Solo, R. Alessandrini, etc.

Lessons in conducting with Nuria Fernández, Nacho de Paz and Miquel Rodrigo.

Courses: Darmstadt Ferienkurse 2014, 2016, Darmstadt Spring Course 2015, 2016, Mixtur Barcelona 2014, 2015, 2016, indieOper (Neue Vokalsolisten Stuttgart) 2014, Trio de Magia Academy 2012, 2013, SIMAA (Seminar for Ancient Music) 2010-2013.


Concerts and Ensembles                                                                                                          

Neue Vokalsolisten Stuttgart, Ensemble Recherche, HfM Dresden Orchester, SMASH Ensemble, Vertixe Sonora, Tio sostenuto, OCAZ Grupo Enigma, Academia para la Nueva Música, Diego Castro, Ekkehard Klemm, Roberto Manjavacas, Cuarteto Égaré, Trio de Magia, Taller Sonoro, etc.

Berlin (Akademie der Künste, UdK), Dresden (Semperoper, HfM, SAdK), Madrid (Auditorio 400, UAX), Stuttgart, Toulouse (Festival byPass), Barcelona (Festival Mixtur, Auditori), Salzburg (Mozarteum), Saragossa (Saragossa Concert Hall, CSMA) and Santiago de Compostela (Correspondencias Sonoras, CGAC).


His pieces are published in Babel Scores.

Selected to premiere an orchestra piece at the Semperoper Dresden as well as in Hellerau in the coming season.

His Master Thesis “The meta-instrument as compositional technique” has been selected to be published Thomson Reuters Web of Science/SCOPUS indexed journal.

His Master Thesis has been also selected for the 9TH World Conference on Educational Science, in Nice.

Founder and artistic director of the Ensemble “Continuum XXI”, the only group dedicated to Early and Contemporary Music with Historical Instruments.

His four articles “Influence of the mother language on the composition”, “When Lachenmann met Ortega y Gasset”, “Biennale Munich 2016” and “Darmstadt Ferienkurse 2016: the role of the sound in the future” were published in the musical magazine Sul Ponticello.

Top marks in Composition, Analysis at CSMA for 4 years, Bachelor Thesis and Master Thesis, Piano and German as foreign language.

Selected as young artistic promise for the reportages “Young and Gifted” (Jóvenes y genios) and “Masters and pupils” (“Maestros y discípulos”) in ABC newspaper.

Trio sostenuto wins the 2nd prize of the Mendelssohn Bartholdy Hochschulewettweberb 2014 with his piece “Laberintos sutiles”.


Common Project “Inventarisierung von Erfahrungen” with the Hochschule für Bildene Kunst (stage, costumes) and Operklasse of the HfM Dresden.


Common Project with videoartist Nastasja Keller “Zeitpyramide”, performed 3 times in Europe (AdK, Berlin; SAdK, Dresden; Festival Bones, Bern).


Common Project with sculptor Leandro Alonso “Invisibles” premiered in Madrid.


Scholarships and Prizes                                                                                                               

Scholarshiped by the Institute für Neue Musik Darmstadt for the Frühjahrstagung 2016.

Stipendium Hochschule für Musik Dresden-DAAD als Mitglieder des Teams International.

Scholarship "Fundación SGAE" in order to study his Master Degree.

Winner of the Prize “Convocatoria Jóvenes Compositores Trio de Magia”.

Winner of the Prize “Premio Jóvenes Compositores Fundación Autor-CNDM” (youngest Composer ever nominee).

Scholarshipped by Mozarteum Sommerakademie.

Scholarshipped for 4 years from the Spanish Ministery of Education and Culture in order to study his Bachelor Degree.