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Antonis Rouvelas

Antonis Rouvelas was born in Papadianika (Laconia, Greece) in 1987.

He started working with music in local unions, in 2006 he was admitted in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Department of Music Studies and the year after he was accepted to study composition with Dimitri Papageorgiou (for one year with Michalis Lapidakis, too).

In September 2012 he was accepted in the Master’s Program at the University for Music and Performing Arts of Graz, studying composition under the supervision of Beat Furrer.

In 2011 he was selected for a scholarship at the Composition Workshop with Beat Furrer and DissonArt ensemble (Music Village 2011).
In 2012 he was selected as full student at Pierluigi Billone's masterclass (Venecia, Fontazione Querini Stampalia).
Also, he won the 2nd prize in 5th Panhellenic Composition Competition in memory of Dimitris Dragatakis with the work Semimpulsive spasm, for ensemble (2012).
In 2013 he had a commission for a new orchestral work by the Athens State Orchestra.

He’s been attending seminars, workshops and courses with subjects that relate mostly contemporary music and free improvisation: 4th contemporary music workshop (Thessaloniki Concert Hall - 2010), workshop New Greek Composers nowadays (Athens Concert Hall - 2013), also with G. Aperghis, G.Stabler, K.Shim, A. Porfiriadis, P. Kokoras, DissonArt ensemble a.o.

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