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Christos Sp. Anastassiou was born in Athens, Greece (July 27th 1955), where he studied and got degrees in harmony, counterpoint, orchestration and fugue. He also studied the art of conducting with Lefteris Halkiadakis. He carried on studying composition with Theodoros Antoniou with whom he got a diploma in composition and orchestra conducting. He has participated in a number of seminars about contemporary concert hall music in Greece and Abroad. His studies in composition, analysis and conducting were concluded in the University of Belgrade with Professors Srdjan Hofman and Zoran Eri? with whom he got a Masters of Arts with honors in 1997.
He has been honoured in several competitions, like being a finalist of the “ALEA II” International Competition of Composition of the University of Boston, with his work Anakyklisis, finalist of the “OLYMPIA” International Competition of Composition in Athens, with his work Nomos for string quartet, finalist in the 3rd Festival of contemporary music of Belgrade, with his work Variations for solo guitar, finalist of the “Taukay” International Competition of Composition in Italy, with his work Anima Mundi for electronic media.
As a composer he has composed for a wide variety of media (more than 90 works), including solo, chamber orchestra, symphonic orchestra, string quartets, works for voice, choral music, music for the theater and television and works for electronic media.

His works have been performed by important ensembles of the international contemporary music scene. Many of his works are commissioned by musical organizations and institutions in Greece and abroad (ALEA III, Taukai Edizioni Musicali, Megaron of Athens, etc).

Currently he lives in Athens. He is Professor of Composition and director of studies in various Conservatories in Athens. He has also repeatedly lectured and taught in seminars on the music of the 20th century.

Since 1994 he has been a member of the Greek “Composer Union”.