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Dominique Vasseur is a full-time composer, performer and teacher who graduated as a concert artist from Utrecht Conservatorium in the Netherlands in 1989. His work today brings together creation, ancient music, contemporary repertoires and improvisation.

The collection of around forty works feature instrumental music – for very varied ensemble ; – electroacoustic works and music for the theatre (Ballatum Theatre, Péniche Opéra, Continuum, Quatuor Sax4, Amadeus Chamber Orchestra, Lille National Orchestra, « Music and Memory » Festival, Haut Jura Festival, Radio France, Vandoeuvre Festival, Editions Leduc, etc.). Many of these opuses were recorded, particularly under the label ‘Signature’ (Radio France), including «Dans le souffle des ombres» (2001) and « I Dwell in Possibility », based on the poems of Emily Dickinson (2006).

As a performer and a composer, through a demanding and often non-consensual musical approach, Dominique Vasseur particularly enjoys moving between past and present, memory and imagination, formal thought and free rein.
Free from any affiliation, his music does not seek to be defined against a particularly contemporary esthetics, but sees filiation (medieval modality, baroque rhetoric, atonality…) as the first source of a poetic or acoustic inspiration which lies in wait of what might bring us closer, as immanence appears…

In the past few years, Dominique’s Vasseur’s work has developed to include electroacoustics (« En attendant » Lille Opera, 2008 – « Enfances d’ici et d’ailleurs » Le Grand Bleu , Scène nationale , 2010 – « Le Maître sans Marteau », JC Gengembre , solo timpanist in the philharmonic orchestra of Radio France, 2010).

Dominique Vasseur is a partner of the Ste Cécile Academy (dir P. Couvert) with whom he has given many concerts and made many sound recordings (Concertos of Telemann, Vivaldi), and of the Alia Mens ensemble (dir O.Spilmont). He has occasionally performed with La Grande Ecurie and la Chambre du Roy (dir : J.C.Malgoire) and has also been, for many years, the soloist and artistic director of the Continuum Ensemble.

Through different collaborations, he has worked with artists such as Freddy Eichelberger, Sophie Rétaux, Dominique Dujardin, Blandine Rannou, Jean Claude Gengembre, Carolyn Carlson, Sylvain Roux, Yannick Varlet, Laurent Stewart, Jean Claude Veilhan, William Dongois, François Leleu, Claude Georgel, Habib Guerroumi, Patrick Beuckels, Gérard Marais, Jan Willem Jansen, Michel Alabau, ………

A qualified music teacher (certificat d’aptitude aux fonctions de professeur de musique), he teaches the recorder and chamber music at the Lille Music Academy.