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Emmanuel Scarpa - drummer and composer born in France. Selftaught, starts playing in a punk-rock band as a teenager. Takes up classical composition course at Lyon and Grenoble music schools, is awarded the first prizes in harmony, counterpoint and fuga with a SACEM prize in 1998. His compositional approach is inseparable from improvisation, which he has been practicing for more than twenty years, extending boundaries from minimal acoustic to roaring amplified music, influenced by many musical styles including early music, new music, rock, jazz, and experimental electronic music. Since 2002, Emmanuel Scarpa has been composing all the music for his own bands including Umlaut, Les Métamorphoses, Umlaut double trio, Invisible Worlds and Blue Yonder. Several of his compositions were commissioned by institutions or ensembles such as Quatuor Bela, Radio France, La Forge, the Valence University Choir, Ensemble Op.Cit and the French Ministry of Culture.