Georges Aperghis

Huihui Cheng

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2002-2010 Under graduate and Post graduate studying: Composing by Prof. Guoping Jia
Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing (CCOM)
2010-2013 Solistenklasse by Prof. Caspar Johannes Walter
Academy of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart
2013-2015 Master Computer music by Prof. Marco Stroppa and Piet Johan Meyer, Academy of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart
2015-2016 Cursus 1 for computer music IRCAM

Scholarships and Awards

2007 First Prize of “Con Tempo” Composition Competition in China
2009 Prizewinner of Chinese Composers Competition of the Nieuw Ensemble Amsterdam
2011 Grand Prize of “Isang Yun International Composition Competition” Korea
2014 SWR Vokalensemble Akademie Scholarship
2014 Baden-Württemberg Kunststiftung Stipendium
2014 Saarbrücker Komponistenwerkstatt
2016 Giga-Hertz Produktion Preis ZKM Karlsruhe
2016-2018 Scholarship of Akademie Musiktheater Heute
2017 Scholarship of Stiftung Künstlerdorf Schöppingen


2006 Exhibition for Chinese art and culture Berlin
2008 Munich Biennale - chamber music concert
2009 Concert “Young China” at the Frankfurt Hessischer Radio hr2
2009 Commission works of Tongyeong International Music Festival
2010 Film music for experimental film "Crossing the Mountain" category in the 2010 Berlinaale Forum
2010 Next Generation concert of the Donaueschinger Music Days
2010 Festival Europalia Ghent
2013 Commission works of Tongyeong International Music Festival
2014 Auftrag Lost&found Festival Stuttgart
2015 Commission of Wien Modern
2016 Manifeste Academy, Ensemble Intercontemporain
2016 Académie Royaumont voix nouvelles
2016 Commission of Eclat Festival Stuttgart 2017
2016 Commission of Royaumont Festival 2017

Featured Pieces

for string-piano (prepared upright piano)

8 E