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Leonardo Idrobo (COL/CH)

Born Cali, Colombia, august 22, 1977.


1995 – Universidad Nacional de Colombia Bogotá

Music studies under the tutorship of Roberto García, Horacio Lapidus, Hegberto Bermúdez,

Angela Rodríguez and Blás E. Atehortua, among many others.


During 1997 – Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

composition lessons with Juan C. Marulanda.


Between 1998 and 2000 – occasional analysis and composition lessons with Rodolfo

Acosta R. This encounter influenced his way of thinking about music from there on.


End of 1998 –



2001 - 2006 – Basel Music Academy

composition studies with Detlev Müller-Siemens and Erik Oña, and other subjects with Dorothé Schubarth, Roland Moser, Hanspeter Aeschlimann, Markus Jans, Hans Saner and Jakob Ullmann, among others.


Several seminars, courses and workshops in Colombia, Spain, Hungary, Germany and Switzerland, as well as masterclasses with Coriun Aharonian, Graciela Paraskevaidis, Beat Furrer, Michael Jarrell, Jonathan Harvey, Marco Stroppa, Klaus Huber, Mark Andre, Brice Pauset and Helmut Lachenmann, among many others.


His music has been played in the Americas and Europa by ensembles such as Tambuco, Ensemble Phoenix, Ensamble CG, Ensemble Proton Bern, Eunoia Quintet, Ensemble Aventure, Geneva Camerata, Ensemble L'Itinéraire, Ensemble Le Balcon, Vertixe Sonora, Trio Klick, Basler Madrigalisten and by the Basel Symphonic Orchestra.


Lives with his family in Basel.

Featured Pieces

Ordered by year. Most recent works appears first

Instrument and Electronics

Wood table stainless steel for alto saxophone, percussion, piano, cello and live electronics (2018)
Keramik (2009)

Voices and Instruments

Unspoken (scene V) for 12 vocalists and 3 percussionists (2017)

Instrumental Music

Macchina for ensemble (2016)
Pareidolie for chamber orchestra (2016)
Small oils (2011)

Ensemble (10 - 19 instruments)

Pareidolie for chamber orchestra (2016)

Mixed Ensemble

Ein Kinderlied (2012)

Chamber Group ( 2 - 4 instruments )

Small oils (2011)

Ensemble (Instruments or Voices) and Fixed Electronic Media

Keramik (2009)