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Malin Bång’s music is an exploration of movement and energy. She defines her musical material according to their amount of friction to create a spectrum of unpredictable and contrasting actions, ranging from the intimate and barely audible to the harsh and obstinate. In her work she often incorporates sound objects to explore a rich sound world and to suggest that a musical content can be constructed by anything valuable to the artistic purpose.

Malin Bång (1974) resides in Stockholm, Sweden. Her work includes music for ensembles, orchestra, staged music, electronic music and performance pieces. Collaborations and commissions of her work include ensemble recherche at Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik (DE), Ensemble Aleph at International Forum for Young Composers (FR), Ensemble Mosaik (DE), Ensemble SurPlus at Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart (DE), Ensemble Cairn (FR) and Ensemble Contrechamps (CH) at Royaumont (FR), June in Buffalo (US), Huddersfield (UK), Nuovo Virtuoso (JP), EstoVest in Torino (IT), Ultima festival in Oslo (NO), Ensemble Cras (DE) and Nadar Ensemble (BE) at Festival Musica Strasbourg (FR). Malin Bång is the resident composer of Curious Chamber Players, young and experimental Swedish ensemble, with whom she has had a close collaboration since its inception in 2003. She has received numerous grants and award and at the Darmstadt Ferienkurse she was in 2010 awarded both the Staubach Honoraria and the Stipendienpreis in composition.
Ordered by year. Most recent works appears first

Chamber Ensemble (5 - 9 instruments)

Epic Abrasion (2010)
Faces and Moon Splinters (2005)

Solo Instrument

Alpha waves alto flute (2008)