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Victor Ibarra, born in Mexico, has had a rich training in his own country as well as in France and Switzerland, with well-known musicians such as Hebert Vázquez, José Luis Castillo, Edith Lejet,
Daniel D’Adamo and Michael Jarrell. He has been awarded first place in the Alea III competition in the United States, first place in the Auditorio Nacional de Música – Fundación BBVA competition in Spain, first prize in the Mauricio Kagel competition, the Zeitklang Award in Austria, first prize in the Basel Composition Competition in Switzerland, among other international recognitions. Ibarra was recently selected in the Ensemble Aleph’s 7th International Forum for Young Composers, while simultaneously chosen as a member of the Casa de Velazquez French Academy in Madrid.

He regularly attends the performances of his productions, which have been wonderfully interpreted by well-known international formations. He has successfully completed his Masters in Composition from the National Music and Dance Conservatory of Lyon, unanimously winning first prize and recognition by the Salabert Foundation. From 2014 he is named a member of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte from the National Fund for Culture and Arts of Mexico.

Victor Ibarra’s style draws on the most varied resources that outline a genuine language. Every part is immersed in micro-tonality, with a precise harmonic structure that becomes, many times intertwined and obsessive. Accented by the rhythmic energy that becomes an essential component of his speech or use of instrumental virtuosity, as a tool to create spaces and dimensions. The influence of the French-spectralism helps him to work with a coloristic and timbral intention, although not exclusively, and a dialogue interdisciplinary which, usually set with the plastic arts, prints a personal mark on his work that is approached from clarity, in compositional instincts and ideals.

Paloma Benito Fernández (Musicologist)

Ordered by year. Most recent works appears first

Woodwind Quintet

Self-portrait of Anton Räderscheidt For woodwind quintet (2016)

Instrument and Electronics

L'Expérience intérieure For six musicians (2015)

Solo Instrument

Estudio sobre un paisaje sonoro (2010)
Cromatismi (2009)