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Instructions for a sound installation
(for 4 to 6 performers)

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Estimated Duration
1 - 5min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-4851-7

Notes on this piece

Frameless (2019) is a verbal/graphic score for organizing a sound installation for a group of 4 to 6 performers. During a performance of Frameless the audience should be allowed to visit and leave the performance space at any time it wishes.

The score consists of 40 verbal and graphic instructions. The order in which the actions are presented in this score reflects no structural preference on the part of the composer.

- There are 25 verbal instructions for making sound, moving or making an action. Each performer should choose the instructions s/he likes in collaboration with his/her co-players. Each performer of the group should perform the same amount of instructions. The distribution of the instructions should be made collectively (not by one individual), through a process of conversation and rehearsal. Do not distribute the instructions in random.

- There are also 15 graphics. Five for a group of 4 people, five for a group of 5 people and five for a group of 6 people. Each graphic is to be performed by the whole group (4, 5 or 6 people). This means that by choosing a graphic, performers agree to make a collective action. There are no specific instructions or durations about the graphics. Performers have to decide collectively during the rehearsals how they are going to ‘translate’ the graphics to sound. They also have to agree on a sign so they will all know when to play a graphic during the performance.

Players should collectively agree in a total performance duration prior to the performance. A performance begins when a player performs an instruction (or, if so agreed, the group could begin with a collective performance of a graphic). From there on each player can freely use any of their instructions always depending on what they hear from the group or the environment. In other words they should react in any way (using the instructions at hand) to the group or environmental sound (except for the moment that the group plays a graphic, meaning a collective action).

The piece is completed when the pre-agreed total duration is reached.

No minimum or maximum duration/No frame/Frameless

Unspecified musician
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Pages - 10

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