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Estar y Ser

in homage to our Lady of Guadalupe for viola d'amore

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Estimated Duration
1 - 5min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-4365-9

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This work is based on a concept expressed by Argentine philosopher Rodolfo Kusch, the antagonism between “Ser” (being), the man who seeks that which is typical of man and therefore, common to all men, and “Estar” (staying) the man who is overcome by the immensity of soil and ends up adapting to it. At present, this reality (Estar, staying) emerges in Latin America without man realizing it, even when he sees himself overcome by the Ser (being) and the habitants of its big cities look similar to him.
In terms of music, this piece is organized into a first part, a bridge towards the second part, the second part and coda. The first part represents Estar, and uses a Bolivian conception of Agglomerate (overlapping of notes making up a sound block, played as an arpeggio, with an aggressive sound; the simultaneous use of the bow and the pizzicato) in first position; the first position coincides with a selection of notes taken from the D minor scale and the D Phrygian scale, and an internal structure of contrast provided by notes played with a piano dynamic and the bow. The second part, which contrasts with the first one, follows the Western idea of homophonic texture. The sound turns warm, uses the open D-string, the arpeggios of the first part now expand; the notes from D minor scale and the D Phrygian scale are used horizontally with zones in Eb minor where the dynamic increases an as internal structure of contrast, it represents Ser. Finally, the Coda begins with the need to vary the initial arpeggio; now it is smooth and on the steel strings, so that it can blend with the elements of the second part.
Estar y Ser was commissioned by Forum Neue Musik Luzern, it was performed by John Antony Calabrese and it was awarded by the “Tribuna Nacional de Compositores- Argentina - Premio TRINAC 2005”.


Viola d’amore
premiered in Lucerne
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Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 10

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