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Words Always Have Two Meanings

from the "ReCoding Cloud" cycle

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ISMN : 979-0-2325-5278-1

Notes on this piece
Words Always Have Two Meanings
for clarinet and ensemble
From the ReCoding Cloud cycle

The ReCoding Cloud cycle
ReCoding Cloud is a cycle of seven compositions/performances for soloist/youtuber and ensemble, recorded and broadcast on screen in the form of YouTube videos. The soloist of each composition also plays the role of youtuber.

The pieces of the ReCoding Cloud cycle are:

1. The Van Beethoven Code – for youtuber “classical music expert”, virtual symphony orchestras and ensemble
2. Guess My Favourite Baroque Songs – Episode I – for countertenor and ensemble
3. The Best Classical Piano Pieces of All Times – for pianist and ensemble
4. Guess My Favourite Baroque Songs – Episode II – for countertenor and ensemble
5. Words Always Have Two Meanings – for clarinettist and ensemble
6. Guess My Favourite Baroque Songs – Episode III – for countertenor and ensemble
7. Epic Guitar Battle – for youtuber rock guitarist and ensemble

Words Always Have Two Meanings
The “genetic code” of Words Always Have Two Meanings is contained in the solo clarinet part, composed through the elaboration of an ostinato melody of a Berio piece of which only the durations have been entirely preserved. The pitches diversify rapidly, pursuing free and protean associations of thoughts and musical memories.
The clarinet part reverberates in the ensemble and generates a proliferation of memories that chase each other, mixing and transforming in a constantly evolving stream of consciousness. Thus, for example, the syntagm F#-G enunciated by the clarinet, as it reverberates in the ensemble, reveals as in a dream the F#s-Gs that my memory recalls in Bach, Schubert, Stockhausen, Pink Floyd or Guns N’ Roses.
No small sequence of sounds can claim to be neutral, but it inevitably brings with it the obsession with History and memory. Words always have two meanings…
The piece attempts to form “chains of meaning” through the utopian effort to bring together the chaotic ruins of culture into an organic whole.

Filippo Zapponi

Violin (2)
Score Details
Format - A3 / Tabloid
Pages - 52

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