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Play and Theory of the Duende

Juego y teoria del duende

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Estimated Duration
6 - 10min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-5302-3

Notes on this piece
This piece is part of Lorca Cycle.
Juego y teoria del duende was inspired by Federico Garcia Lorca's homonymous conference. The "duende" is a 'mysterious force that everyone feels and no philosopher has explained. It gets into the body, from the soles of the feet to the head, and his presence is heard in the black tones. Angel and Muse come from outside us - the angel brings light, the Muse form, while the "duende" is within us, and must awaken in the remotest mansions of the blood.

"So, then, the duende is a force not a labour, a struggle not a thought. I heard an old maestro of the guitar say: “The duende is not in the throat: the duende surges up, inside, from the soles of the feet.” Meaning, it’s not a question of skill, but of a style that’s truly alive: meaning, it’s in the veins: meaning, it’s of the most ancient culture of immediate creation." (Federico García Lorca, Juego y Teoría del Duende, 1933)

Bass Clarinet|Harp|Violin|Cello|Bass Flute|Harp
Ensemble Multilatérale
Aurélie Saraf (harp)
Matteo Cesari (bass flute)
Antoine Maisonhaute (violin)
Pablo Tognan (Cello)
Léo Warynski (conductor)

Live recording
Score Details
Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 30

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