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for prepared thunder sheet and vocalising performer

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Estimated Duration
11 - 15min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-6153-0

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Notes on this piece
This piece derived its inspiration from Noh Theatre and Shintoism. However, in time three pictures took a place in my mind as an illustration of the relations between the performer and the thunder sheet.
First, a monkey paw, which according to the legend, it can grant three wishes. Within this piece, it symbolizes the relationship between the uncanny and the sublime. The object brings the unseen to the corporeal world.
Second, a wind chime. In many Noh stories, spirits are attracted to our reality by the monk's prayers looking for atonement and peace. Like the wind, the performer makes the thunder sheet sound and resonate.
The last is a shaman stabbing a totem. The relation between the shaman and the totem during the exorcism can be seen as the struggle of the spirit for peace that the performer will incorporate during the performance.
Throughout the work, performer and thunder sheet became a bridge between the worlds in a clash for redemption.
Live Performance (11/05/21)
Percussion Recital
Teatro Helena Sá e Costa (Portugal)

Percussionist- Jorge Miguel Pereira
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