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Clarinete concert

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Estimated Duration
20 - 25min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-7200-0

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Notes on this piece
The word “afflatus” in Latin means “creative inspiration of a divine or supernatural power”, it also means “the act or faculty of exerting an elevation or stimulating influence on the intelligence or emotions”, resulting in artistic inspiration.
I wrote this concerto for clarinet and orchestra intermittently since 2008, giving it its final form in 2009. Afflatus” is also “to blow, to inspire” and therefore explores the infinite technical, expressive and virtuoso possibilities of the clarinet, an instrument through which I feel a particular attraction.
The work is written in three movements that are executed without interruption. In the first I propose a harmonic environment emanating from a certain number of multiphonic sounds that become its formal basis. These chords, without fixed chaining, are orchestrated with great timbral refinement, inspired by the work of French spectralists, accentuating and coloring untempered harmonics. In its long cadenza, I return to some cells and gestures from my work for solo clarinet from 1987 “Three nights without a moon.” The second movement, of a more lyrical nature, relaxes the tension of the first and presents a chamber interaction between the clarinet and the orchestra, highlighting the duets with the bass clarinet. The last movement is a rhythmic discharge, where the clarinet demonstrates its expressive versatility, accentuated with sensual and sinuous lines over a contagious and exalted rhythm that leads to its climatic finale.
The work was written at the request of the Latin American Clarinet Academy of Venezuela and dedicated to her and to the clarinetist Jorge Montilla, friend and inspirer of my works for the instrument.
Symphonic orchestra
David Medina
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