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Of Dust and Sand

For Alto saxophone and piano with electromagnets

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North America (Canada - USA)
Estimated Duration
6 - 10min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-0884-9

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Notes on this piece
Of Dust and Sand uses the Electromagnetically-Prepared Piano device, a rack of 12 electromagnets which is suspended over the strings of a piano. Each electromagnet is sent an audio signal and in turn excites its respective string, much like a stereo speaker made from piano strings. In this piece a subset of the magnets remains active throughout, the performer physically silencing the strings by pressing down with fingertips. Thus the instrument becomes a kind of anti-piano – lifting a finger frees a string to vibrate, producing sound. In addition, various items, such as paper and a plastic ruler, rest directly on the strings further altering the timbre. Remember – everything you hear is entirely acoustic.

While working on this piece I was deeply immersed in the novel Doctor Faustus by Thomas Mann. The title is in part drawn from an image that recurs throughout the novel, that of the hourglass of mortality, which Mann in turn drew from the etchings of Albrecht Dürer. The material of the piece is connected with the novel, though in ways so tenuous as to escape relevance.

Of Dust and Sand is dedicated to The Kenners

Please contact the composer directly to learn more about the Electromagnetically-Prepared piano device, required for the performance of this piece:
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Alto Saxophone|Piano|Electromagnets|
Eliot Gattegno - alto saxophone
Eric Wubbels - piano
Score Details
Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 19

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