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Ausgraben und Erinnern 1 223
Ausgraben und Erinnern 4 226
Ausgraben und Erinnern 5 227

Ausgraben und Erinnern

for 6 instruments

Estimated Duration
1 - 5min

ISMN : 979-0-55050-340-3

Notes on this piece
About Ausgraben und Erinnern
Constant mutation of musical elements. Transcription. Inscription of musical objects inside other musical objects. Dilaceration of the elements previously presented ...
These procedures allowed me to establish a territory where convulsions and unfoldings of musical memory could exist, seeking the constant revisiting of the same matter. Anyone who seeks to approach his own buried past must behave like a man who digs. Fundamental is that he does not fear returning to the same matter repeatedly (Sachverhalt) - to spread it as the earth spreads, to revolve it as the earth revolves. Because these "matters" are nothing more than strata of which only the most careful investigation can extract those things that justify the effort of excavation. (Walter Benjamin, "Images of Thought: Digging and Remembering", in "Images of Thought", Selected Works by Walter Benjamin, ed. And trans. By Jo?o Barrento, Ass?rio & Alvim, 2004) und Erinnern - in Portuguese, to dig and to remember -, the text of Walter Benjamin to which I stole the title synthesized the musical process in which it was involved. It was an unexpected meeting as appropriate ...
Flute|bass Flute|Clarinet|Bass clarinet|Piano|violin|Viola|Cello
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Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 76

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