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Pensieri d'autori dell'eterno silenzio

based on a text from Bible and from Pensées by Blaise Pascal

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Estimated Duration
6 - 10min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-6935-2

Notes on this piece

The thought of Blaise Pascal (“Le silence éternel de ces espace infinis m’effraie”) is the center of the project of Pensieri d’autori dell’eterno silenzio. Infact, the introspection on the human misery is the reason of the man to know him self; that’s the evocative sense of this music.

In the Introitus, Epilogo and the Intermezzos, the spacialization shakubioshi’s shots (instruments of the Japanese Gagaku that mean the flow of life) and the organ and the ensemble, represent the deep analyse of the human condition against the divine revealed truth by Christ, who Pascal use in his Pensées.

Three are the “pensées” (thoughts) where are developed with personal manners some fragments from the Bible (Isaiah, Song of song, Revelations), all centered on the misery of the human condition, too; the “3eme Pensée” is the top of this introspection and is about a tender love, described in the Song of Songs, where is created a dramatic emotional removal with the Apocalypse’s prophecy.

In the “1ere pensée” the man is the main subject with his investigations about the questions caused by his misery. The “chi” (whom), in the text, are researching something or someone and they are confusing them self in the infinite space of overlapping of violin’s taleas and colors . However, it’s not missing a personal trait of irony for the interpretation of those questions and a perverse research of a knowledge maybe unreachable. 

Soprano voice
Percussions (3)
Score Details
Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 34

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