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Situation III

Je - Tu- Nous

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Estimated Duration
6 - 10min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-3330-8

Notes on this piece

Question of identity : 

These instruments have at least one thing in common. They are all well-known in the repertoire for having “ beautiful, pure, bright” sounds. 

In my opinion, everything in our daily lives consist of many layers. Any of

these layers could reveal different kinds of identities/ qualities. We can

only perceive these different identities, by changing the environment and

habits of the norms. Different colors and qualities will come out and present

themselves since they have been placed in a “ not well-known situation.

In this piece, I am observing the behavior and attitude of three Individuals.

by preparing the instruments I am aiming to bring new characters, qualities

and colors in front. In other words I am changing their identities( if that

is possible at all ?!?) through changing their situations in which “ things”


We can still hear that “ pure” resonance, but also some “ new” sounds as

well. different shapes and colors of noises and layers. Observing how they

react alone, or together as duo or as trio. Could their quality and voice

change?!? It is an observation of how and if we are able to change the

identities and at the same time presenting the idea of “ anything could be

beautiful & special & pleasant”. we are the ones who defines everything

around us, giving identities and “ labels. so, nothing is ever fix,

everything is changeable.

Percussions (3)
Live Premiere- 104
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Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 16

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