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Estimated Duration
11 - 15min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-0934-1

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Notes on this piece
A scenic work where the players change positions through the course of the performance, the text has been handled fairly loosely and improvisational passages are included for both instruments and spoken voice which is undertaken by the players. Instructions for lighting effects are included and there are also possibilities for further scenic/theatrical additions....The whole takes place within a secret cave and the three players have been named after the three Norns - in Nordic mythology being the equivalent of the three Fates as in Greek mythology.The three players are in effect and existing out of time and observing how man weaves his fate the three  can easily see the consequences. Based upon recent events in the Arab countries especially the civil war/s this is a strongly political work but the message is about the results of motivation and the only consequence that can ensue until the whole has run its course.The text is in three main blocks (one for each player) and is handled concurrently i.e. all three text blocks are being simultaneously spoken.... the poem as a whole is below.S Y R O N I AThrough the vale of tearsDepth ever deepening, Darkness darkening stillFolly for wisdom Guilt for innocenceAnguish for raptureAnd for hope despairCourage will comeisWrath of courageit isCourage and Wrathit is itWrathful courageTime matures The strongGo forthExultantBreak Bleak Black Poison PrideBreakBowed heads forward droopClutching hands grasp outstretchedTakingCivilized ethic of Artful viceCivilized science viciousness refinedCivilized devices, vicious divisive deceiversCivilized virus drooping mindsUnnatural abnormalTurned away from the Ray Within AllCourage will comeComeTo Be with USIMENOWWEIEVEROne RayNow time maturesNot the Battle of TimeBut the Time of BattleThe unsought fightOnly One escapes destructionStrong in Spiritgo forth ExultantThe Final Moment revealing TRUTHUnboundedUnbondedHad they but knownNow knowingHad they but knownEver knowingNothing so hiddenThat remains unveiledFoaming WorldFlaming Billows blowClear Light In shining brightnessActive passion shaken movesDulled static darkAs in ancient timesThey knew us thenThe meansThe methodThe weaponThe shield
Recorder (3)|Real-time electronics|
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Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 24

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