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Songs of Immigrants

for string quartet and documentary inserts

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Estimated Duration
26 - 30min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-3904-1

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Notes on this piece
In October 2013, tragedy struck near the shore of the Italian island of Lampedusa, the majority of the hundreds of people who died in the shipwreck were Eritreans.
The composition is not meant to present any plot. The documentary inserts played from cassette decks in their harsh roughness are not even arranged subsequently in time. I am not trying to depict the tragedy. My aim is to deliver music of the people who sailed for better life and I am juxtaposing it with the sounds of situations which came before and after the tragedy itself. The music structure is based entirely on material derived from recordings of Eritrean ethnic music, documentary takes from public resources and sounds of animals inhabiting the area of Lampedusa island. I am cross-fading this material among musicians and tapes, or "resynthetizing" into the string quartet.

Documentary inserts can be played in various methods. 
Cassete decks: Musicians have 4 portable cassette decks, one for each, laying on the floor in front of them. From these machines they play documentary inserts (provided by composer) according to the instructions in the score. After the end of insert, they DO NOT stop the machine. NO additional sound system installation is required. Suggested types of vintage machines: Tesla A3, Tesla K10, Tesla K204, Geracord GC-6020, Ghettoblaster RRS 4040, Sony CF-270L, JVC 9425, etc. This method is suitable for small and medium sizes of concert hall and accents the documentary aspect of inserts.
Stereo setup: Two quality loudspeakers of requisite power (according to the hall) are placed at the sides of the quartet. Preferably directly on floor without the stand. The speakers shouldn’t be far from the ensemble. Setup is connected to the computer and inserts are played by another person from the QLab session (provided by composer). This method is necessary for large concert halls and delivers better sound quality of inserts.
Violin (2)|Viola |Cello|Fixed electronics
performed live by Bennewitz Quartet
Score Details
Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 44

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