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Cinc escultures ceràmiques d'Enric Mestre

Five ceramic sculptures by Enric Mestre,
for violin & piano

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Estimated Duration
11 - 15min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-7251-2

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Notes on this piece
The work is inspired in five sculptural series of Spanish ceramist master Enric Mestre ( The interest in different contemporary artistic expressions and its creative confluences, and for the fact to be from the same city of Mestre (Alboraya, Valencia) are germ and encouragement for the composition of the work.
With a duration of 15 minutes, the piece is set in five short movements linked guarding golden proportions. Each one inspires its sound side in a sculptural series, from which it takes his title and its evocative and poetic features:
I. Transformed Geometry: [3'32'']
The sound emerges in its atmosphere, eroded, crackly, in full transformation. 
"And so if forms generate spaces, these spaces —often made into an evocative void— are not only transformed in the respective limits of formal constructions, but they also inhabit their undeniable corporality, augmenting their mystery and the scope of their possible spirituality." (Román de la Calle, about Mestre's works).
II. Architecture for the Look: [2'11'']
Prevailing the ungraspable of sound in a static environment, gravityless and contemplative.
"In addition to that world of forms and volumes, represented in his imaginary architectures, we must also point out the emergence of an expressed world loaded with mystery and silence" (Román de la Calle, about Mestre's works).
III. Poetics of space: [3'33'']
Search and variation of the envelope with the movement of the sound source (violin) that goes through spaces. 
"Solitary spaces that are open, nevertheless, to be inhabited. Intimate spaces, in some cases, and remotely gloomy in others. Nooks for meditation or realms for waiting, but always orderly worlds." (Román de la Calle, about Mestre's works).
IV. Architecture Enigmatic: [2'11'']
The atmosphere rarefy dark and glowing at once, abstract, strange, confused.
"They conjure up moments of archaic monumentally and power. And they occupy space in a quiet, dark, mysterious or even dazzling way, like the apparition of a white marble structure in a landscape bathed by sunlight." (Frank Nievergelt, about Mestre's works).
V. About the Geometric Passion: [3'33'']
The sound takes concretion, strength and finally expresses passionate and vehement.
"Geometry, poetic and enigmatic, capable of uniting the architectural roots, the sculptural rotundity and the spectacular expressive power of spaces open to human reflection." (Román de la Calle, about Mestre's works).
The work was commissioned by the "Duo Dali", Fernando Pascual and Aida Velert, whom it's dedicated.
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