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Ciaccona fluida

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Estimated Duration
11 - 15min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-0208-3

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Notes on this piece
"Ciaccona fluida" for chamber ensemble with baroque instruments is a composed approximation to and removing from two baroque form schemes: Ciaccona and Trio. Varying instrumental duos of solostic-virtuos style, according to the baroque model completed to trios by a third metavoice from the Continuos group, changing with acclamative Tutti-ritornels. This strict principle – through overlap, superimposing, decomposition of formal sections, through commenting objections – is in the end made so fluid that it is only perceptible in brief, fleeting glimpses rudimentally. As structural base there is a formula of five parts as "Ciaccona-Ostinato", though not fixed in its individual values, but defined exclusively by the differences between them, transferred into permanently different state-levels through additive and multiplicative procedures. On this basis are developing harmony, set up in partial harmonics panels and – convergently diametrically – in third-tone scales, form, metre, rhythm and all other parameters.
Score Details
Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 47
musikFabrik NRW - conductor- Johannes Kalitzke
for chamber ensemble with baroque instruments Clarinet and Oboe + 1 Kettledrum*
2 Baroque trumpets in C (with standard pitch a4 = 415 Hz is equivalent to B with standard pitch  a4 = 440 Hz) muta in 2 cornets + Kettledrums*
Violoncello (in scordatura)
Viola da gamba (in scordatura) + 2 Kettledrums
Percussion Archiliuto (bass lute) (in scordatura)
* The instruments mentioned above have additional kettledrums which should be played by the players of the respective instruments alternately (marked by arrows)
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