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Up and Down A3 z 2 124 1 529
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Up and down

for clarinet and ensemble

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Estimated Duration
1 - 5min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-2124-4

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Under the idea of ​​relations of music and politics is that together with Brice Pauset, artistic director of the Ensemble Contrechamps - commissioner of the work - we proposed the idea of ​​working a piece that stresses traditional music and a methodology inherited from Critical Theory And Th.W. Adorno, this, with the purpose of questioning the hierarchy that is produced at the cultural level of the different musical currents. But just to question the hierarchy of this thought is what led me to reconstruct the reflection on this possible "up & down" cultural. Critical theory and Adorno are worked as an object, under a methodology that represents the subaltern in the aforementioned hierarchy, in this case, Latin American thought.

In "Up & Down: Lecturas críticas" Th. W. Adorno, the philosopher, is used as a sound object thus emptying of the original content its presence. His words, referred to a light and popular music are treated as a complex object, which dialogues with the solo clarinet. The structure of the piece and its general discourse are treater under a methodology that can be framed within the current "modernity / coloniality" of the critical Latin American theory, which proposes a decolonization of thought and hierarchy that we mentioned a few lines ago, being the dialogue of the solo clarinet with the “Adorno” sound object -colonialist- transformed into a dialogue between the soloist and a new discourse that proposes the decolonization of the ways of thinking, in the words of the Colombian philosopher Santiago Castro-Gómez.

Another important sonic object in the piece is the group of radios that working together create an extremely complex sonority, contrary to what Adorno proposed as "background music" in his "sociology of music" and that serves to install today - in real time and in the present day - the dehierarchisation proposed by the decolonial thought, through the complexization of objects that may be thought as superficial by the critical school of Frankfurt, but - probably - put in value by the current critical Latin American thought.

"Up & down: Lecturas críticas" was commissioned by Ensemble Contrechamps to be premiered by soloist Laurent Bruttin and the ensemble in its 2016/17 season "Tout est politique".

Bass Clarinet
Contrabass Clarinet
Large Ensemble
Ensemble Contrechamps
Score Details
Format - A3 / Tabloid
Pages - 114

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