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Estimated Duration
11 - 15min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-0166-6

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Notes on this piece
How do the four elements sound? Fire can spit and crackle; water can drip softly, gurgle lively or rush loudly, the air can howl when the weather is stormy. But the earth – how does it sound? The composer Juliane Klein and the pupils of the primary school Humboldthain in Berlin have thought about this question, preparing a new piece for the children concert of the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg. Juliane Klein has written this new piece called “ERDE” (earth). Earth means for her the permanent changing from day to night, light and darkness, coming and going. Living on earth means to discover new things ever. In this piece, the new things also come from the pupils. They have invented their own melodies, melodies for night and day, sounds for creatures and nature. The symphony orchestra plays the part which is composed by Juliane Klein; and the part of the pupils is performed by themselves.

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Symphonic orchestra|ca. 20 children or more (age
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Pages - 38

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