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Fuenfgezackt in die Hand Juliane_Klein_
Fuenfgezackt in die Hand Juliane_Klein_ 4

Fünfgezackt in die Hand

Piece Published by Edition Juliane Klein
Estimated Duration
11 - 15min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-0167-3

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Notes on this piece
“Everything I wanted worked out easily, like leaves falling fife-pointed into my hand, but it is too little.” (Arseny Tarkovsky) This quotation, from Andrey Tarkovsky’s (the son of Arseny Tarkovsky) film “Stalker”, provided the title for Klein’s piece for oboe and percussion (“falling fife-pointed into my hand”, in German: “Fünfgezackt in die Hand”). The composer liked Tarkovsky’s image and was stimulated by the thought that it makes more to produce a whole than simply protracting what is best. She takes the line “but it is too little” to mean “there is still more to come”. Again and again dynamic intensions expand the sonorities, producing an impression of three-dimensionality, slowing the tempo, and bringing the flux to a shuddering standstill or allowing it to flow gently onward. Klein did not provide any breathing spots in the opening section of the oboe part, hoping that the player would discover a way to maintain the line and undauntedly face the physical challenge of expanding the limits of the possible. Since then, what was once considered impossible to play has entered the realm of the playable. Klein feels vindicated: “A terrain has been entered that was previously uncharted.”

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