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Noir Alexander Khubeev Z
Noir Alexander Khubeev Z 9
Noir Alexander Khubeev Z 10
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Estimated Duration
6 - 10min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-0984-6

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Notes on this piece
The piece was written under the influence of the specific literature and cinematograph school, which became widespread in Europe and in USA in 1950-60th under the name "Noir". Besides the used literature text, the specific colouring, elements of urbanism, uncommon dramaturgy, which corresponds to apologist's of "Noir" definition: "unusually convoluted chronology of events, which creates the impression of desorientation in time", create an affinity between the piece and this art school. It's obvious, that this school gets new life in present time. Works of such directors as David Lynch, Roman Polanski and other famous artists confirm that. It became the additional stimulus to creation of this piece. Using defined artistic images, I create the specific sound material, which consists of unusal types of playing on the instruments and its uncommon combinations. This sound material in conjunction with aforementioned dramaturgy leads to creation of unusual musical form.
Soprano voice|Clarinet (+bass)|Piano|Percussions|
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