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Reditus ad vitam z
Reditus ad vitam z 13
Reditus ad vitam z 14

Reditus ad vitam

for piano
(dancers/scenario or film)

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Estimated Duration
16 - 20min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-0675-3

Notes on this piece
Reditus ad vitam, praesto est illis semper aqua nova The idea of a constant rebirth and renewal after unexpected moments and difficult to overcome, the connection and comparison of these cyclical moments with the life process (metamorphosis) which a fragile being as the butterfly has to go through to become an adult and be able to interact with the others within a "dance" (flight), and also the symbolism of the butterfly, were essential influences for the development of this work.The Butterfly symbolism in different cultures has several interpretations, being associated with change, metamorphosis, transformation, journey, path, death, rebirth and still with the soul, spirit, vital breath. At the same time the double meaning of the Greek word psyche (soul and butterfly) and the embodiment of the soul is represented by a woman with butterfly wings. According to the Greek popular beliefs, when someone died, the spirit leaves the body with a butterfly shape.In this sense, the use of the female form in the piece, with “imaginary” butterfly wings, was based on this mythical figure having a double facet- as a being and as a soul-and the mechanics of their performance is interacted with the pianist. The symbolic ideas (of the butterfly), existential (man/butterfly) and flying, influenced the formal structure (metamorphic path and various stages related to "parts" of the work despite not following the ordering of the metamorphosis process); the rhythmic material (more simple/complicated rhythms); melodic material (related to the letters used in the title as in other works, used in chords, melodic lines with a textural function); of texture (dense/empty/raw (silence)); of time (fast/slow).
Score Details
Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 21

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