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Cuaderno de la Pampa A3 z 2 115 1 67
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Cuaderno de la Pampa

for solo baritone saxophone

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Estimated Duration
11 - 15min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-2115-2

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The new piece , "Cuaderno de la Pampa ", written especially for Alvaro Collao , is a very personal work that functions as a sort of imaginary log , which accounts in part my walks through the pampas. In it I put many personal experiences and very emotional one for me. And situations created by collective imagination of the Pampas. Through music, story and feelings as symbolically journey in himself : in the beginning , up from Iquique to Alto Hospicio , then wandering aimlessly in the pampas , where almost by accident , and very fortunately , I found with a tarkeada ( native dance played and danced in the Andes of Chile, Peru and Bolivia ) , and a whole party around it, and then , coming to the end of the piece, feel slowly away festive music that this is forgotten in the middle of the pampa.
The rescue of Latin American cultures for me means no "rectification" much less a sample of our features. Rather, it is a profound statement of who I am. It is also a sign of great pride I feel to be part of a culture as rich and diverse as this, which is anchored between places as far away from each other, geography that you draw this true cultural garden in every place. The music of the Andes , that ' visited ' in ' Journal of the Pampa "is for me very valuable and full of artistic , technical and anthropological riches, for the simple fact that the music on our continent are often part of a ritual , of a whole, what motivates me deeply to make it part of my artistic research .
baritone saxophone
Alvaro Collao
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Format - A3 / Tabloid
Pages - 16

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