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Vox Ignota A3 z
Vox Ignota A3 z 7
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Vox Ignota

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Estimated Duration
11 - 15min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-0694-4

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Notes on this piece
Work of great instrumental deployment (almost 60 instruments in scene), first performed in 2005 in the concert hall Zitarrosa of Montevideo, Uruguay, by the PERCEUM quartet. In this work, Valverde, reaches a sonorous search across a wide and various instrumental percussive devices, which already had worked in pieces as “ESPACIOS INASIBLES” for orchestra with a wide set of percussion instruments and “5000 VOCES”  for instruments voices and three percussion players. In turn of the same period that VOX IGNOTA, we find the work “ES DECIR CALLAR” for harp, trumpet, feminine voice and two percussionists that was premiered in the festival of Contemporary Music of the Theatre St. Martin in Buenos Aires 2003, with the percussion players: Robin Schulkowsky and Jorge Camiruaga. VOX IGNOTA and the previous enunciated works, they are works in which the percussion becomes detached from his usual rhythmic role, to achieve a result coloristic, of searches timbres and climates often static. The deep research of the musical form across the field of timbres and therefore of the temporary- space dimension, they do of this sonorous work, a real kaleidoscope of heterogeneous sounds from his sonorous sources (patches, plates, gongs, accessories, bells, etc.) that fuse and contrast in pursuit of an expressive tour that moves from extremely small and almost silent sonorities up to wide sonorities of masses and densities.Gabriel Valverde
Percussions (4)
Perceum percussion ensemble
Jorge CamiruagaRicardo GómezSebastián PereiraMarcelo Zanolli
Score Details
Format - A3 / Tabloid
Pages - 11

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