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18 piccoli haiku

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Estimated Duration
11 - 15min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-0547-3

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Notes on this piece
A song built completely on the idea of silence. By means of love you ll come to a pause between two notes, the pause in which God performs his veena, wherein the divine melody sounds continuously. Osho, silence that seems to me as ineffable meaning of the perfect order. The word moves little by the sense of acting, perhaps to portions of cantillata melodia. To build a song of silence only need an interpreter that offers a gesture minimum, imperceptible, but significant. Therefore, it is important that the score is iconic, that the words predominate over some of the speeches of the percussion, that the interpreter be also the painter that draws the musical situations. It must be a graphic living… The score must acquire these microelements integrating them as cosmic events coming step by step for vivifying. you should allow flow emotions letting herself be illuminated by a candle and letting scroll images of a dear remembrance. The work opens with echoes as far dreams. A ballerina dance between the fragrance of the incense, and enables us to rediscover the vibrations intimate, that will give life to the rhythm of the haiku. The candle sends pulses of light. This is also quiet percussion. Inside this quiet percussion all that was text and all the nature fade to immerse yourself in cosmic light, from a few events moving by the instrument and projecting.
Della Monica - soprano
Jonathan Faralli - percussions 
Tommaso Dini - live electronics
Score Details
Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - &nbs
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