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Tinta Roja, Tinta Negra/Red Ink, Black Ink

arrangement for open instrumention (5 or more instruments)

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Estimated Duration
11 - 15min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-4498-4

Notes on this piece

This is an open-instrumentation arrangement of Tinta Roja, Tinta Negra/Red Ink, Black Ink, originally written for three female voices using a jarana as a resonator. Although this arrangement requires a minimum of five instruments and/or voices, there is no maximum number of performers that can play this piece at the same time. Although the performers are free to choose their parts, we hereby present some considerations in order to help performers decide which part their instrument is more suitable to play:

Instrument/Group 1: More suitable for voices.

Instrument/Group 2 & 3: More suitable for bowed string instruments and woodwinds.

Instrument/Group 4: More suitable for plucked string instruments that can be microtonally tuned such as harp and guitar.

Instrument/Group 5: More suitable for instruments that can sustain long pitches such as piano or electric guitar using an e-bow, an organ, or ondes Martenot. Pianists using an e-bow can regulate the dynamics by using a piece of cloth in order to muffle the strings of the piano. This technique allows to expand the dynamic range from ppp to mf.

This piece should be synchronized with a sound file or a “tape”—that the composer will provide—that uses a jarana jarocha (an eight-string Mexican instrument from the Sotavento region of Veracruz used to play Son Jarocho) as a resonator via a vibration speaker. The whole dynamic balance of the ensemble should be based on the loudness of the tape through its resonator (the jarana.) In order to obtain the most possible resonance out of the jarana, it should be tuned microtonally as shown on the performance notes. If a jarana is not available, other string instruments might be used as resonators.

Arrangement commissioned by Ensemble Dal Niente. Transposing scores available on command.


Unspecified instrument in unspecified number
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Pages - 28

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