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manufacturers; things that are made to be broken

for improvising ensemble of at least 4 performers and electronics

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Estimated Duration
26 - 30min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-4457-1

Notes on this piece
We live in a more careless, clumsy and intolerant society, and in response, companies are making goods of a higher/popular demand less durable in order for them to be quickly replaced by newer technologies at a higher price. This work, manufacturers: things that are made to be broken is a sort of embodiment of this in an improvised structure, built upon a palette of sound combinations and structures, as well as formations of the ensemble. At points there are enduring walls of sound, that infrequently evaporate into distortion, but gradually an incoherence develops. There are two fashions in which the work can end – what one in simple terms could call the “good” and “bad” ends. Both contend a sense of a broken world only being temporarily fixed, and resolve only in silence.
The simulation of the modern world’s unforgiving and fragmented nature is shown in this abstract manner with the quality of human choice – how the ensemble interprets the given material and instructions, as well as response as an ensemble, as ensembles and as soloists. This 3D quality of how the ensemble is treated should be clear in performance.
The pitch material provided should fluctuate throughout as suggested in the score. Conceptualisations of breakage, threshold and impermanence should be explored in the ensemble’s interpretations.
When thinking about creating an improvised work, one is often immediately drawn to less common notation formats; graphics, text, other mediums such as “sound-scores” and video scores. I decided to follow the method of Richard Barrett, and henceforth this work is dedicated to him and his work.
Electronics|Any voice|Ensemble
Score Details
Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 10
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