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Mestre Gato ou o Gato de Botas B FR

for ensemble, reciter and electronics

Estimated Duration
26 - 30min

ISMN : 979-0-55050-660-2

Notes on this piece
"Cat in Boots " for narrator, camera and electronic set on the fairy tale of Charles Perrault exists in two versions: one for adults (version A) and one for children (version B).
In both cases the fundamentals of history remain as well as instrumental writing, however there are "intermezos" of explicitly erotic content in version A that are not present in version B.
The motivation to write a piece on this text had two main reasons:
- on the one hand the taste for fairy tales and the pedagogical sense of the frequent parables they enunciate - and in this sense it was my children, my nieces and my granddaughters who taught me how to tell and retell the story, endless times, in an act theatrical and affective always reinvented, this story that I freely adapted and that is why this piece is dedicated;
- on the other hand, this seemingly non-moral tale is in fact an insightful criticism of the political power that maintains its timeliness and that I subscribe to - with a hero who is actually a villain, an unscrupulous opportunist who assaults political power, master in threats, and ridicule that overcomes without difficulty both the manipulated and corruptible established power (the King), the counter power of the opposition (the Bogeyman), incoherent and inconstant and equally vulnerable to deception.
It should also be mentioned that since my New Op-Era "Salt Itinerary", salt as a symbolic element of the "essential that makes the difference", took a special importance in the expression of my work and in this sense, eroticism is also a salt which transforms taste and consciousness.
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