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Bureau 470

Drame bureaucratique autour de l’efficacité.

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Estimated Duration
60 - 90min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-3179-3

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Notes on this piece
Efficiency is the capacity to complete a task in a space and timely manner using minimal resources. However, efficiency permeates in our daily life becoming a professional but also personal  obsession. Efficiency acts like a filter that alters our perception of reality, limiting and blocking it.
This project tries to push efficiency to the absurd through the organization  of four office workers that will assist, with impotence,  the cracking of a model that although it is efficient, it becomes unsustainable. Four instrumentalists, temporary gears, visuals and auditives unterminable presence during work days. They constitute an active part of the story, becoming in a additional subject. However, they don't get involved in the reality that develops in front of them, this is not a task they have to deal with. Their ignorance becomes indifferent to the injustices they attend.
In the heart of this bureaucratic microcosm,Ramirez ,role model of efficiency, is going to see how the pillars of an entire life built around an obsession, turn into ashes when he decides one day, one second, let affection into his world…
Pocket opera its a format which is, in itself, efficient. It emphasizes  the compact aspect of a story, a clear dramaturgy and direct that develops around a specific concept , in a short period of time and in a minimalist framework.
Soprano voice
Mezzo-soprano voice
Tenor voice
Baritone voice
Double bass
Score Details
Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 124

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