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(in-/out-)breath, aloud

for sopran voice, violin and cello

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Estimated Duration
6 - 10min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-6762-4

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Notes on this piece
Fragments of the used text are extracted from the poem "Vežbe disanja" (Breathing Exercises) by the Novi Sad neo-avant-garde poet Judita Šalgo. Her verses served me as a verbal and complement element of the central theme of this piece - the human body, which is here sonically objectified through the human breath (inhale and exhale). Therefore the title of the piece is "(u/iz)dah, naglas" [(in-/out-)breath, aloud] but it is also an association on the title of the collection in which this song is published: "67 minuta, naglas" (67 minutes, aloud). Literally, the breathing as something that is in the domain of human privacy, in the piece is (publicly) exposed and enhanced by the intertwining of the breath with other delicate sounds. 
Soprano voice|Violin|Cello
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Pages - 20

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