Soobin Lee

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Soobin Lee is working as a composer for new music and film score in Seoul, South Korea. Regarding new music, he founded <SONOR XXI>, a new music group, and managed various concerts while working as a representative. Moreover, he has worked with various ensembles such as TIMF Ensemble and has participated in Tongyeong International Music Festival Academy as a selected student. During this festival, he was able to study with Tigran Mansurian, an Armenian composer. Recently, he has participated in The 4th International New-music Festival at University of South Florida in 2020. In the same year, he managed <Guitar and Etc>, a new music concert, and also participated as a composer. This concert was supported by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture. 


As a film score composer, he debuted in the documentary <Run, Run, as Fast as You Can> in 2012 and has been participated in many films, including both short and long films. His representative works are <Eun-seo>, <ID Card>, <Edge of Space>, <O Ki-in's Sin, misattribution> and <Run, Run, as Fast as You Can>.


Most of the films that he has participated in were selected and screened at various film festivals in South Korea and abroad, including The Rochester International Film Festival, Busan International Short Film Festival, DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, and EBS International Documentary Film Festival.​


As a lecturer, he is working at Korea National Institute for the Gifted in Arts. Furthermore, he is participating in workshops or seminars held by various institutions such as University of South Florida and Incheon Foundation For Arts & Culture.






​M.A. in Composition, School of Music, Korea National University of Arts


B.A. in Composition, School of Music, Korea National University of Arts 

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Solo Instrument

Fando and Lis for guitar solo (2020)
Fando and Lis for guitar solo (2020)