Anton Svetlichny

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"...une etonnante berceuse russe..."
Jean-Yves Bertrand. Electronic Avantgarde.

"In among some rather poor pastiche-type chamber music there was a very good piece from Antony Svetlichny (Russia). This very young composer is one to look out for in future: ear and imagination came together in his aptly titled Exploration of Inner Space".
John McLachlan. Music and Beyond.

Anton Svetlichny (1982), Russian composer. Studied with prof. Vitaly Khodosh in Rostov Conservatory. Participant of All-Russian young composers meeting supervised by Viktor Ekimovsky. Attented master-classes of Roderick de Man, Martijn Padding (Netherlands), Philippe Hurel (France), Eva Furrer, Lorelei Dowling (Austria), Vladimir Tarnopolsky (Russia). Studied with Franck Bedrossian and Pierluigi Billone during the First International Academy of Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (2011).

Music was performed in Germany, France, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Hong Kong, being a part of such events as ISCM World Music Days, Summer courses for New music in Darmstadt, Avignon Theater Festival, appeared at many festivals and projects like "russia.project" (Russia-Switzerland), "Gamlet Machine" (Moscow Art Theatre), "Exposition", "Other Space", "Tax Free", "Music of Shades" etc. (Russia, 2008-2012).

Among performers there are ensembles such as ums'n'jip (Switzerland), Hong Kong Camerata (Hong Kong), Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, Studio for New Music, eNsemble, GAM-Ensemble (Russia), Ensemble Nostri Temporis (Ukraine), as well as soloists like Natalya Pshenichnikova (voice), Sergey Chirkov (accordion), Alexey Shmurak (piano), and also various Russian orchestras and chamber ensembles.

1st prize winner of the First Virtual Composers Competition "Tribune for New Music" (2006). Winner (prizes of both audience and musicians) of Pythian Games composers competition (2007).

Member of "Structural Resistance" composers group.

Living in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Current activities include, apart from compositional projects, extensive teaching duties in musical education facilities along with regular performances as a keyboard player in several local rock and jazz bands.
Piezas ordenadas por año. Los trabajos mas recientes aparecen primero

Instrumento Solo

Generation ctrl c (2011)
Dark ambient (2011)
Industrial wastelands (2010)

Solista (Instrumento o Voz) y Medios Electrónicos Fijos

Identity (2011)

Grupo de Cámara ( 2 - 4 instrumentos )

The whale (total loneliness) (2011)
Un chien andalou (2010)
The atrocity exhibition (2007)