Daniel Moreira

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Daniel Moreira (b. 1984, Brazil) is composer and conductor of contemporary classical music. After studies in Physics, he studied composition in Brazil (Universidade Federal do Grande do Sul), United States (University of Texas at Austin) and Germany (HochschulefürMusik und Theater Hamburg and Musikhochschule Stuttgart). His main teachers were Marco Stroppa, Manfred Stahnke and C.L. Chaves. He has also participated in Workshops and Master courses from prominent composers and ensembles such as Brian Ferneyhough, George Aperghis, ChayaCzernowin, Rebecca Saunders, Mark André, C.S. Mahnkopf, Ensemble Modern, Ensemble Recherche, MusikFabrik and Elision Ensemble.
For his works Daniel has been awarded with prizes and scholarships (German Music Competition 2012, StuttgartKompositionspreis, DAAD Prize 2011, Gaudeamus music prize finalist, Mozart Stiftung scholarship, Salvatore Martirano Award (2nd Prize), residency prizes at SchlossWiepersdorf, KünstlerhausLauenburg etc..) His compositions have already been heard in the USA, Europa, Asia, Australia and South-America in such important venues and festivals as the Academy of arts in Berlin, Gaudeamus Music Week, Darmstadt Summer Courses, Eclat Festival, MATA Festival,Philharmonie Essen, Cresc. Biennale, ISCM World New Music Days, Wet Ink Concert Series, DonaueschingerMusiktage Off-Programm etc.
As a conductor he studied in the USA with Robert Carnochan, in Germany with Lorenz Nordmeyer and in Italy with Michael Luig. Daniel is particularly interested in the contemporary chamber repertoire and in the cooperation with living composers. He founded and conducts the new music ensemble Volumina Consort, which has already premiered works from composers from more than 7 countries. In 2008 he was nominated production director of the new music festival Contemporaneo-RS and from 2010 to 2011 he organized the concert series "die Lange Nacht der NeuenWerke" at the HfMT Hamburg.
Daniel worked as a researcher in the field of interactive Music and his Software "DFM Granuloma" for real-time sound transformation won the first Research prize of the UFRGS. Furthermore Daniel has been writing articles and essays about Acoustics, Composition, Aesthetics, and Electroacoustic music.
Daniel is lecturer in acoustics and instrumentation at the Academy of Music, Theater and Media Hanover. He currently lives in Stuttgart, Germany.
Piezas ordenadas por año. Los trabajos mas recientes aparecen primero

Ensamble (10 - 19 instrumentos)

Countdowns - A for 10 musicians and samplers (2014)

Ensamble (Instrumentos o Voces) y Medios Electrónicos Fijos

Countdowns - B for 10 musicians and samplers (2014)

Ensamble (Instrumentos o Voces) y Electrónica en Tiempo Real

Emergency Procedures (2013)

Ensamble de Cámara (5 - 9 instrumentos)

The King from Papatua (2011)
Das Nein-Doch Spiel (2011)