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Mecanique live electronics A4 z
Mecanique live electronics A4 z 8
Mecanique live electronics A4 z 9

La mécanique céleste

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Celestial mechanics

Dedicated to my father
In the contemplation of the sky we are seeking not only the understanding of the universe but also who we are. In the same way, the electronic in this work is a kind of projection of the pianist mind and sounds, so that the instrumentalist interacts with himself thanks to the electronic part. Firmament and piano are the same: we are attracted by their precision and their power of making us dreaming.
On the other hand, the energy of the work is inspired by the movements of the planets (attractions, repulsions) and theirs orbits (circular, eccentrics, elliptic). I then used the solstices and equinoxes hours of the year 2009. And as the word “solstice” comes from the Latin “sol sistere”, I decided to choose the G note (“sol”) as a referent point.

div> piano
live electronics (or tape version)
Score Details
Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 32

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