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Between the We and the I

for a group of people
(at least three performers)

Estimated Duration
6 - 10min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-4836-4

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Between the We and the I (2018) is a score for a group of people (at least 3 players). The score consists of 119 verbal instructions for making sound, listening and observing. The instructions are categorized in six different parts: Tones (28 instructions) – Noises (28 instructions) – When (28 instructions) - Glissandi  (7 instructions) - Listen! (14 instructions) – Observe! (14 instructions).

 Performers should cut the rectangles that contain the instructions off the pages prior to the performance, in order to create a pack of 147 rectangles, with one instruction on each. Each performer should then choose the instructions s/he likes in collaboration with his/her co-players. Performers should choose at least one instruction from at least 3 categories. Each performer of the group should have the same amount of rectangles (instructions). The distribution of the material should be the product of collective decisions during the rehearsals and it should not be decided by one single person. Do not distribute the rectangles/instructions in random.

 Players should collectively agree in a total performance duration prior to the performance. A player has to begin with any instruction from his/her pack. From there on each player can use any of their instructions always depending on what they hear from the group. They should react in any way (using the instructions at hand) to the group sound. Each instruction can be used only once during a performance (this is why each performer can have more than one parallelogram with the instructions ‘Listen!’ and ‘Observe!’ if s/he wishes so).

The piece is completed when the pre-agreed total duration is reached.

 Minimum duration: 8 minutes.

Unspecified musician
Score Details
Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 22

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