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Eye o da hurricane

for string quartet

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ISMN : 979-0-2325-4552-3


Eye o da hurricane for string quartet (2017)– Angela Elizabeth Slater Eye o da
hurricane was written for a colloborative workshop with writers and the Gildas
quartet at the St Magnus composition course (2017). The piece takes inspiration
and imagery from Christian Tait’s poem ‘Fae da Journal o a Crofter’s Wife’. The
piece particularly draws on imagery from certain lines within the poem

Sae here I am ida eye o da hurricane 

while a aathing crashes an roars an birls 

aboot me. Destructive an oot o control. 

ta read atween da lines, or hoo 

my hert vibrates laek fiddle-strings 

in tune wi der black despair 

sood cry my name A’ll hear him 

sammas he wis in da nixt room 

But ivvery mennit o ivvery day

I bargain wi da Mellishon, offerin him

my sowl if he’ll bring dem safely hame

Dis is what its laek, aa bi me lane

trapped ida eye o da hurricane

Violin|Violin (2)|Viola |Cello
Score Details
Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 10

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