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Lost Touch With Oneself Ashley Fu Tsun Wang A4 z
Lost Touch With Oneself Ashley Fu Tsun Wang A4 z 5
Lost Touch With Oneself Ashley Fu Tsun Wang A4 z 6
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Lost Touch With Oneself

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Estimated Duration
6 - 10min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-0771-2

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I had a conversation with my friend about one of American painter Jackson Pollock's famous quotes: "It is only when I lose contact with the painting that the result is a mess. Otherwise there is pure harmony, an easy give and take, and the painting comes out well." My friend disagreed with it, because he thought in music it is different. In music, one can always go back and retrace oneself, but in painting you can't. What interested me was "what if the work itself is just about getting lost?"In this piece, new sounds/materials/ideas keep penetrating the already established sound world and eventually taking over of it. This process happens over and over again; instead of following directions on the map, it is more like one is really 'lost' and being taken by what comes next.
Violin (2)|Viola|Cello|
Yuan Wu - Hsuan-Jhu Wang - violinsJen-Wei Yu - violaTing-Yin Lin - cello
Score Details
Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 22

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