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Sebuah Pantun IV Tazul Tajuddin z
Sebuah Pantun IV Tazul Tajuddin z 7
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Sebuah Pantun IV

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ISMN : 979-0-2325-0464-3

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Sebuah Pantun IV is written using gamelan numbering and the numbers were transformed into sounds and notes in trio. Pantun is a Malay tradiitonal poem that can be in 2, 4, 6 (etc), phrases. In 4 phrase pantun I am using, there are 4 short sections but played continuously. The sections are like the pantun one the shadow (pembayang) and the meaning. In this piece, verse 1 and 3 are the pembayang using extended techniques and verse 2 and 4 using the actual notes. In the fourth set for trio, the verses are interchanged from previous pantun where verses are arranged in this order: verse 1, 3, 2 and 4. It is a short piece based on my gamelbati ideas and using pantun as structural base.' Sebuah Pantun started in 2003 where the initial idea was used in a short easy solo piano piece. Then the second was for solo violin where the sound and decorative becomes more textural. Then the third was for guitar quartet with the elaboration of more instruments.It was composed slowly in between teaching and lecturing between January to 12 August 2011. Within the period it passing through Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand. It is dedicated to a composer friend Evis Sammoutis (artistic director of the Pharos Contemporary Music Festival 2011) and the performing group who will give the first premiere in Nicosia, Cyprus, Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble. Subang and Shah Alam, Malaysia Tazul Tajuddin, 12 August 2011
Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble
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