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Resonating gestures A4 z 3 140 1 249

Resonating Gestures

For Piano (amplified)

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Estimated Duration
6 - 10min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-2140-4

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Resonating gestures takes its source in an in-depth reflection on gesture, exploring its relationship with resonance. It involves a percussive use of the keyboard and of the instrument's body, to explore resonance(s), dynamics and register colors.

The piece is designed to be performed partially amplified (2 microphones on the sides of the keyboard) and the concert's space "makes" the work according to its on reverberation and resonance qualities.

The work has five movements, focusing on different aspects of the gesture/resonance relationship.

I - Résonance/extrapolation

II - Accent/éclat

III - Espaces Murmurants/ Whispering Spaces

IV - Résonance / Mouvements

V - Resonating gestures

Movement 1 (Résonance/extrapolation) attempts to establish an absolute control of resonance - its creation and its filtering - by a specific use of pedals, blocked/unblocked keys and attack/resonance gestures, combined with percussive sounds produced by the keyboard and pedals. Movement 2 and 3 (Accent/éclat, Espaces Murmurants) focus on "pianistic" gestures, exploring the whole range of register, color and dynamic possibilities. The breath is progressively integrated and contributes to this exploration. The integration of voice and the use of extreme registers become the main focus in Movement 4 (Résonance / Mouvements) and 5 (Resonating gestures), culminating in a rhythmical use of breath "nourishing" the resonance and responding to the gestures.
Score Details
Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 20
Jennifer Lee

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