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Rhythmic Study 4 A3 z
Rhythmic Study 4 A3 z 7
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Rythmic Study 4 – Ludvan Ven Beethowig

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Rythmic Study 4 – Ludvan Ven Beethowig
Even though scored for an acoustic instrument (the Toy Piano), the piece Rhythmic Study 4 is largely composed based on digital audio techniques assampling, cutting, pasting and splicing. It resembles the effect of a scratched CD, with unforeseeable loops and sudden jumping points. The piece is dedicated to John Oswald who in the 80’s – even before the break of the digital revolution – created the Plunderphonics, who quoted and subverted known pop tunes into new compositions.Rhythmic Study 4 applies this compositional approach to an acoustic, classical medium. The subtitle - LudvanvenBeethowig – is an allusion to Oswald’s practice of creating titles based on anagrams of the artists he quoted.
Score Details
Format - A3 / tabloid
Pages - 14

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