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the interference of forces from the beyond...

for prepared guitar

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Estimated Duration
1 - 5min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-4456-4

Built upon the acts of exterior elements of preparation and objects, 'the interference of forces from the beyond' is a work for solo prepared guitar that deals with issues surrounding the augmentation and diminution of an instrument based on preparing it. Using blu-tack, a ceramic bowl and a scourer/sponge, I was able to unlock a vast array of sonic translucencies in the guitar's body, and by disintegrating the instrument down into an extended tablature, I was able to provide gestural graphics as notation means, as well as using time-space notations to indicate use of "rhythm" throughout. The work depicts a vast canyon, a sort of shrine or massed grave. Within, the corpses begin to sing this chorus of screeching and howling. A 'koto'-esque variety of sounds emerges, taking in the acoustics of the space and embodying the canyon as a mysterious entity within itself, with a final echo and 'requiem' for the corpses.
A degree of improvisation came into the creation of the work, both in the discovery of sounds, but also within the means of creating it. None of the notation is particularly defined, it merely provides a scaffold of some possible results. The use of the preparations both limited and unhinged the traditions of the guitar sound and made it accessible for players of any ability to engage with the music with very little practice.
Acoustic Guitar
Recorded by the composer.
Score Details
Format - A3 / Tabloid
Pages - 12

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