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Piece Published by Editions Juliane Klein
Estimated Duration
21 - 30min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-0401-8

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Seismographien. „Messungen“ über Antoine Brumel (1460-1515) kombiniert mit 3 Bearbeitungen aus Brumels Missa „Et ecce terrae motus“
The twelve-part missa “Et ecce terrae motus” by Antoine Brumel (ca. 1460-1515) is an eccentric example of experiments with vocal polyphony undertaken in Europe at around 1500. This piece is not only fascinating because of its broadly diversified polyphony and its opulent, ecstatic effect, but also because of the used compositional technique that is quite different from the one typically used during this epoch. Brumel uses the compositional technique in a playful and a dainty way at the same time. Brumel’s procedure that is based on simple, harmonically broad progressions, that over and over again transform into stagnating sound fields, could in retrospect be considered as a “soundscape composition”.When composing “Seismographien” I created a so-called photographic negative of Brumel’s  widely stretched musical landscapes that I had previously analyzed. I was primarily interested in leading Brumel’s compositional technique to extreme points by the help of procedures that were not at the composer’s disposal at that time. I paid special attention to progressions into microtonal ranges of the rhythm, proportions and pitches.My composition also refers to the bible text (Vulgate, Matthew 28) that underlies the original cantus firmus “Et ecce terrae motus”. Brumel translates the religious ecstasy into an ecstatic polyphony. My music on the contrary mainly refers to the paralysis caused by the inconceivability of the events, a traumatic consternation that was the result of the test about the strength of the religious conviction that faced the first Christians after Jesus’ death. At the same time this marks the beginning of a new religion.

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Soprano voice|tenor(3)|Baritone voice|Violin (9)|Viola (4)|Cello (3)|double bass|
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Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 75

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