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ISMN : 979-0-2325-0190-1

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gedrilltsondernfolge beginnendnie irgendwohast doch Du selbstgedrillt doch Du selbstwahnsinnigheillos bleibendschwindelaus dem Lebenwahnsinnig wirklichfolge die ganze Zeitfolge die ganze Zeitgedrillt auf Papiergedrillt auf Papierwegsprechen Dingewegbleibend (words from Katharina Höcker’s poem „original“)“Someone put a huge amount of time into those words,” remarks Klein to explain her choice of Katharina Höcker’s poem “original”. “They’re like a distillate. The word ‘trained’ (gedrillt) alone is very strong and contains a multitude of layers!” The poetess and the composer both shared a travel grant, allowing them to deepen their appreciation of the space that words need in order to unfold, and preparing the groundwork for the musical elaboration.Klein let her knowledge of form and meaning in the baroque suite to impinge on her music. Models for the overture can be found among the French classicists, and we can descry the typical inflections of a Handelian suite. In musical terms, Klein’s central question was: “What I do stand to gain by drawing on this time-honoured form, and which solution would I never have produced without it?”The Air unfolds very delicately – ethereal yet distinct, fragile yet firm. It is Klein’s manner of inter-relating intrinsic opposites, respecting their interdependence at all times and transforming the force of their tension into music, that marks the essence of her musical idiom.

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Soprano voice|Baritone voice|Chamber orchestra
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Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 35

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